Congratulations to Ambigai Naidoo on her appointment as Labotec Pty Ltd’s new CEO.  It is always inspiring and motivating to see internal talents grow and take on leadership roles within the company.  Her impact over the last 12 months has brought clarity, structure, focus, and a strong sales and customer-centric mindset to the organisation.

Ambigai is a strong believer in empowerment and ownership and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to building a positive and inclusive work environment. As CEO, she is ready to lead the company to new heights by leveraging her expertise, vision, and values.

“Success comes from creating the environment that enables all parts of an organisation to work together towards a common goal and I am looking forward to playing my part in making sure Labotec exceeds all future growth expectations”.

Ambigai is a highly accomplished and astute Executive Management Professional, with nearly two decades of experience within the Science and Healthcare industry.  She presents with significant career success in driving bottom-line delivery and expanding business footprints across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ambigai has enjoyed a steady career trajectory in her longstanding tenure with a reputable clinical diagnostic and life science Company, the Scientific Group. As a seasoned life sciences sales veteran, she was promoted several times to eventually take the reins as CEO, spearheading strategies that effect aggressive market share growth and maximize business productivity, and synergy. Following an 18-month sabbatical between July 2017 – April 2019 she re-joined the industry in a marketing role at Roche Diagnostics and subsequently joined Adcock Ingram as a commercial head for Pathology. She joined the Labotec Team in December 2022 as Head of Sales and Marketing.

An intuitive leader, she largely attributes her success to her relentless pursuit towards exceptional service, her ability to identify key commercial opportunities, and her talent for building solid strategic alliances.

Dedicated to shareholder values by incorporating people and processes and with the relevant qualifications, bolstered by commercial intelligence and networking prowess acquired through many years in the field, she provides robust direction and governance in developing and implementing best practices across multiple functions.