The Marine Parasitology Workshop and its Application in Fisheries Management was recently held at University of Cape Town.  Due to its great success, they are planning on a bigger event with a wider range of speakers next year. Labotec sponsored slides, coverslips and pens and the UCT Marine Parasitology team had this to say :

“Thank you so much for the sponsorship from Labotec and all the trouble you went through to get them to us. We were very grateful and they were such a help in our dissection session of the workshop. We had a lovely two days of talks and dissections”.

The knowledge and teachings that went on were phenomenal. We had leaders in the marine parasitology field with many years of experience and the students and other attendees were very impressed with the outcome of the workshop, as were we”.

They added, “we are definitely looking to have another workshop in the future, bettering what we have done this year and making it bigger with a wider range of speakers. We attained good feedback from our delegates as to how we could make improvements and expand our speaker base”.