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Long Term Biological Storage with no LN2 as Cooling Medium

Thermo Scientific has a range of ultra-low temperature Cryogenic Chest Freezers for ultra-reliable sample protection designed for long-term biological storage at uniform temperatures of -140ºC and -150ºC without LN2 as a cooling medium.  This obviously eliminates the need for maintaining a supply of LN2. As a result of the absence of LN2, 100% of the […]

Which Incubation Parameters are Most Important for Proper Cell Growth & Expression

HOW DESIGN HELPS WHEN YOU OPEN THE FRIDGE DOOR AND CONDITIONS INSIDE RUSH TO EQUILIBRIATE All parameters are important. Proper temperature, gas tension (CO2/O2/N2) and humidity work together to provide optimum growth. Speedy recovery to your set parameters is a critical consideration any time you want to mimic an in vivo state. The goal of […]

Cell Freezing At New SA Stem Cell Institute In Parys

Cell Freezing At New SA Stem Cell Institute In Parys

Regenerative medicine and cell-based therapies have been receiving a great deal of attention within the medical sciences worldwide.  Due to the constant increase in reported benefits associated with such therapies, it would only be a matter of time before South Africa also starts harnessing these exceptional properties of self-healing and self-renewal. Dr. Walter Bell, medical […]