Swift’s Ductless Removal Of Chemicals & Fumes

Swift Silliker - Erlab Captair Flex

Last year Swift Silliker announced the launch of their brand new state-of-the-art Chemistry laboratory with 350m2 of extra floor space adjacent to their premises in Midrand. The project utilized the best laboratory lay-outs, methodologies and equipment specifications with expertise from an extended multi-national team of experts from the Silliker global network. As part of the project, four Captair Flex ductless fume hoods supplied by scientific company Labotec were installed.

The installation of the Erlab CaptairFlex ductless fume hoods is designed to protect users during applications that emit vapors and/or chemical particles and offers a level of performance. This is helping to ensure that the lab personnel benefit from safety as well as an environmentally-friendly energy saving alternative to the costly traditional ducted fume hood systems.

According to Senior Analyst and Project Leader, Michael Ndlovu, “Erlab’s CaptairFlex fume hoods are extremely effective while handling any hazardous chemicals and/or sensitive food and beverage products while performing the range of analyses and tests we offer, and at the same time keeping the sample and lab personnel safe from any toxic chemicals used during their procedures”.

The Captair units can be moved anywhere they are required to be in the laboratory, and can be re-assembled in 30 minutes. Since they are ductless, no air-conditioned air is exhausted outside which saves energy and protects the environment from fumes. The handled chemicals are instead efficiently retained in the filters. An option exits for installing two molecular filters that automatically revolve when the lower filter becomes saturated and needs replacement. In addition, the flexible patented modular filtration columns can be stacked vertically for adaption to various applications.

Swift Silliker selected the XLS714 model, which has a length of 1800mm and is fitted with glass sides for easy viewing at a glance from any angle in the laboratory.