WIN Quest To Find The Oldest ROTAVAPOR In The Land

Who has the oldest Büchi ROTAVAPOR in the country?  We were on a quest to find the oldest working Rotary Evaporator from the Swiss manufacturers Büchi, who are renowned for quality systems and lasting attributes worldwide.  They are also the inventors of the modern day evaporators.

We believe we have finally found it.  Congratulations to the lab at PURIS, situated in the Cape.

Jeanine Strydom, Lab Manager at Puris on the entry form said, “Please find attached our photos of what we believe is the oldest working rotavapor and team using the Büchi. Our company manufactures essential oils and natural aroma chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industry.  We use the Büchi mostly for solvent removal after extraction of plant material and biotech samples, or for downstream processing of samples from our biotechnology lab“.

As per the email from Büchi in Switzerland, Rotavapor R was firstly produced in the beginning of 70’s (1971) and was discontinued at the start of 80’s (1979-1980). We are unsure of when the unit was purchased, but this information would make it between 36 and 46 years old!

Well done to the lab. They win a huge chest full of quality chocolates for their lab, plus Labotec will kit them out with customised lab coats and glasses.