Win 1 Of 100 INTEGRA PIPETBOYs – The One And Only

Is your PIPETBOY the real deal, or is it just a name you use for your pipetting aid without knowing about the original? It’s not just the colorful design, speed and light weight that are typical of the PIPETBOY, it’s also the finger-controlled aspiration and dispense speed, and a gravity blowout – with a three-year warranty on top!


With over four decades of liquid handling experience and hundreds of thousands of instruments in use worldwide, INTEGRA pipette controllers have become the reference for precise and efficient serological pipetting. Customers have praised the PIPETBOYacu 2 pipette controller for its unmatched speed, pipetting control and ergonomics.

Customer Voices


“These pipettes are super reliable and have got me through a thesis and postdoc. Now that I have a lab of my own I want to have the same quality products for my trainees. ” KEVIN MCCARTHY University of Pittsburgh March 2021

Goodbye Aspirators

“While the thrill and challenge of pipetting liquids with an aspirator, worrying whether you sucked up too much liquid, has its charms I appreciate having a worry free experience pipetting out moderately big volumes of liquid. I enjoy how the pipetboy is reliable, saves me time and prevents any chemical spills” SOPHIA HERNANDEZ Umeå University March 2021


“Perfect device for working in the lab and doing experiments in a relaxed and proper way.” IDA VAN DER MEULEN-MUILEMAN AmsterdamUMC March 2021


Watch the video to see how you can perform fine dosing with PIPETBOY acu 2 more easily and efficiently than ever before.