WEBINAR / Explore how high-quality glassware and automated cleaning can enhance your lab processes

Explore how high-quality glassware and automated cleaning can enhance your lab processes

Miele Webinar Explore how you can enhance your Lab ProcessesYour Free Webinar Invitation
Wednesday, 8th November, 2023
12:00pm to 13:30pm SAST

An essential requirement of any laboratory is to operate efficiently when it comes to quality and time. To help achieve this, glassware must be reliably and consistently cleaned to give you the best results in your laboratory.
Miele Professional and DWK Life Science have teamed up for this exclusive free webinar to answer these important questions:

• Why is high-quality laboratory glassware important and how can you benefit from it?
• What are the challenges in laboratory glassware cleaning and how can they be solved?
• What does clean mean in a lab environment?
• What impact does the water quality and chemistry have?
• What is better for my lab and why – manual or automatic cleaning?
During our webinar, it is also possible to ask questions and after your attendance you will receive a certificate.

Hope you can join us!
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Meet Your Hosts!

Michael Sedlag

For more than 20 years, Michael has been responsible for Miele Professional’s product management
Laboratory, Medical & Dental. As a member of the expert group “AK LAB”, he is co-editor of Laboratory glassware reprocessing publication and works with EGNATON, the “European Association for Sustainable Laboratories” on a certification system for sustainable laboratory solutions. In his spare time, he likes cooking, cycling, inline skating and having fun at EDM festivals.

Ramona Diekert

Ramona is a product manager for Laboratory, Dental and Medical Solutions at Miele Professional. She
brings a great wealth of expertise and insights when it comes to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of laboratory glassware and medical products. Her focus is on enhancing the reprocessing of laboratory glassware through automated cleaning. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and is a passionate runner and dog lover.


Edmund Lo

Ed is the Product Manager of Vessels & Containers at DWK Life Sciences. This year marks his 10th anniversary in industry, having worked in the fields of packaging and spectroscopy before joining DWK. He holds a master’s in chemistry from Newcastle University UK and has used a range of laboratory glassware from a young age at school. He is passionate about football and Japanese anime.