Vivo – New Less is More Circulators

Julabo Vivo Heating/Refrigerated Circulator

 Made in Germany, the new Vivo circulators from Julabo are quality made affordable.  Designed for routine heating and cooling applications, the units are extremely easy to set up and use and offer the ideal cost performance solution.  All Vivo temperature control instruments are manufactured in adherence to DIN German standards and comply with European CE requirements.  They are ideal for tasks such as controlling the temperature of samples in a circulating bath, cooling condensers, material testing, and in sample preparation for serology.

The working temperature range from -25 to +85°C is controlled via PID and a strong 1500 W heater for fast heating times.  Two options exist; the RT2 or RT4 model with slightly different dimensions and specifications from each other, but ultimately both have a small footprint with a drain for easy emptying in the front, as well as compressor based cooling in the entire working temperature range and additional accessories for tubing, insulation and bath fluid.

Built-in safety features for low liquid protection, over temperature cut-off, or self-start mode after a power outing can be customised on the control panel.