Vacuum Solutions from Research to Mass Production

Vacuum Solutions from Research to Mass Production

Vacuum Solutions from Research to Mass Production has two new pump series; MAGiNTEGRA and DRYVAC to compliment the full-line of vacuum pumps that support all manufacturing processes within coating and industrial applications in the rough, medium, high and ultra-high vacuum regime.

The new, magnetically levitated turbo molecular pumps TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum can do without the space usually needed for a separate frequency converter and provide a compact, flexible design, excellent vacuum performance and a standardised program of accessories. These offer maintenance-free operations in most industrial processes, such as display-, solar-, coating-, and R&D applications. Robust and reliable, the MAGiNTEGRA pumps are resistant against process particles and deposits. Process induced shock venting is tolerated to a high degree as well as assembly in any position and angle. The rotationally symmetrical and space saving housing is combined with a frequency converter which can be mounted flexibly as well. Due to the 5-axis magnetically levitated bearings the TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA requires hardly any maintenance and shows a high degree of safety against hydrocarbons, especially when even low contamination of remaining bearing lubricants or greases are not compatible with sensitive
manufacturing processes. Another remarkable advantage of the MAGiNTEGRA pumps is the operation at extremely low vibration levels which is of high importance in some applications. Of course, the TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA provides modern state-of the art communication interfaces and an intelligent monitoring of pump parameters, including self-protection functions in case of operational disturbances. The MAGiNTEGRA complements the high fore vacuum expertise of the established DRYVAC standardized pump systems used in PV manufacturing processes

The DRYVAC combines the screw technology pumping principle with a very compact design – offering additional advantages to the customer. In the standard vertical combination with a RUVAC Roots pump, the footprint at the production line is minimized. In addition, the pump combination can be executed horizontally which extremely minimizes the height of the system

For research & development purposes and pilot production, the well known UNIVEX line of universal experimentation PVD vacuum coating systems are available in configurations of varying chamber capacities utilizing bell jars, stainless steel box chambers and cluster tool configurations, UNIVEX is offered with many standard features and options including high vacuum pump systems, power supplies, PLC, a variety of substrate holders, film thickness and vacuum measurement, cooling & heating systems, feed through, view windows and gas admission. Various models of thermal and electron beam evaporators, DC and RF sputtering sources, organic evaporators and load lock versions are available.

Customers can select from a wide range of standard and multi-purpose configurations based upon their specific requirements and can be assured of support coverage for the entire project from engineering consultation, installation,