The KNF LABOPORT lab vacuum pump series is a clever, elegant design with clear benefits in terms of handling and functionality.  The smallest in this pump series, the mini Laboport N96, weighs only 2.9kg with flowrates at atm pressure of 7 l/min, and is suitable for applications such as filtration and fluid aspiration. The bigger pumps in the series, the Laboport N820 & N840, have flowrates up to 34 l/min at atm pressure, and are useful for more applications such as rotary evaporation and centrifugation.

Design elements of Laboport pump series for easier handling and functionality includes:

  • Exceptionally small footprint – This impressively compact pump provides the user with increased bench space.
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surfaces without any ribs or hard edges are easy to keep clean.
  • Chemically resistant – All wetted materials are suited for use with aggressive/corrosive gases.
  • 3-color status display – The changing color display allows the operational status to be ascertained at a glance.
  • Speed-controlled – Manually adjust the pump speed via the control knob or automatically by connecting to KNF‘s VC 900 vacuum controller.
  • Expandable – Separators and/or condensers can be purchased individually at any time and easily fitted, enabling users to build their own customized vacuum system.
  • Integrated gas ballast valve – The valve protects the pump head and shortens processing times – even with high boiling point solvents.
  • Portable – The fold-out handle makes the device easy to transport and store.