With this year racing to an end, the team at Labotec would like to wish you a peaceful, relaxed and safe holiday. We will be closing at midday on 23rd December 2021, and re-opening the offices in the New Year on 3rd January 2022. For any technical emergencies, the standby number during this festive break is 073 370 5690.

This year was again peppered with economic uncertainty enhanced by the pandemic situation. Our team stood high with courage, tenacity and teamwork, and we are proud to have opened a new division and a new branch; molecular biology and the Kenyan branch.

To finally relax, the Labotec end-of-year function was held at at Centurion Raceway, which challenged everyone to “race” towards the finish once again. This “mobilised” the perfect end-year activity to socially distance with a helmet for protection, but have some fun at the same time.

We are grateful for your partnerships with us in Science & Technology,

The Labotec Team