German engineered by Weisstechnik, they have launched the second generation of ClimeEvent climatic test chambers.  This new series of climatic test chambers are completely revised technically, visually, and functionally due to practical experience with the first series released six years ago.  The market feedback from the tens of thousands ClimeEvent test chambers used in development departments, test laboratories, and quality assurance departments worldwide has helped create a customer-centric newer version.


Design follows everyday testing


The result is a striking new design: straight-lined and discreet, the test chambers fit perfectly into any test laboratory, both technically and visually. The control panel was enlarged from 7″ to 10″, and is equipped with a faster processor, and is easier to use. The retractable design integrated into the front of the unit means that it is better protected against external mechanical influences. The design of the top edge emphasises the elegant lines and conceals all the test chamber’s fittings. There is extra storage space on the side of the unit for test equipment such as data loggers, laptops, grid shelves, cables, or access port plugs. This ensures a tidy testing environment and increases occupational safety. The front screen, which can be darkened at the push of a button using electrochromic technology, a technological innovation. This means the test specimen can be protected from unwelcome eyes – ideal for laboratories that must comply with confidentiality agreements.


Impressive inner qualities


The new ClimeEvent test chambers have also been fundamentally revised in terms of their testing technology. This includes optimised water management with a 27-litre storage tank that displays the remaining amount of deionised water on the control panel and indicates the expected running time. The water bath has also been enlarged, which increases the humidification capacity to such an extent that demanding climatic tests such as the K15 of the LV124 (BMW condensation test) are now also possible without additional humidification. The new patented absolute humidity control enables even more control accuracy, even at high dew points. This new type of control reduces thermodynamically induced deviations during climate changes and the transient amplitudes of the humidity values, while also achieving faster rates of humidity change. The result is reproducible test conditions with a new level of precision.


Simply better testing


To make the preparation and execution of tests more comfortable and safer, the contoured sides of the test spaces have been replaced by a rail system with a perforated pattern. These increase flexibility, simplify handling, and enable the combination of conventional grid shelves with pull-out rails. In addition, screws with internal threads are integrated in the rail system, which ensure simplified assembly of test set-ups and enable a variety of special configurations. The LED lighting mounted on the test space ceiling ensures optimum lighting conditions, even when the door is open. This also minimises the amount of heat entering the test space compared to the previously used halogen lighting. The LED status bar integrated in the test space door also offers more convenience and safety. The operating conditions of the test chambers can also be clearly seen from a distance, which further simplifies the management of several test chambers in one laboratory.