Source of article – Weiss Technik GmbH

The need for quickly available testing solutions is high, particularly in the e-mobility industry. Weiss Technik thus also offers mobile test chambers for testing lithium-ion batteries. The Plug &Test Labs are integrated into containers that are quick to set up. Fire protection guarantees an innovative safety concept.
Typical applications for the Plug &Test Labs from Weiss Technik are the cost-effective set-up of new testing locations, quick expansion of existing testing capacity and the short-term substitution of failed equipment. In addition to great testing convenience, the Plug &Test Labs offer safety features in accordance with Hazard Level 6. With these systems, manufacturers and suppliers in the e-mobility industry can take advantage of a completely new standard of flexibility.
The standard containers used are twelve metres in length and are delivered by articulated lorry. They offer laboratory space of around 30 m2. Fully equipped in terms of climate control, the Plug &Test Lab can produce temperatures between -40°C and +80°C with a temperature change rate of 3 K/min. Humidity levels of 10% to 95% relative humidity can be simulated. Possible applications range from brief end-of-line tests to prototype testing and long-term trials. The systems allow all norm-compliant temperature and climatic testing of vehicle batteries.
Various extinguishing systems to select from
One of the technical challenges facing testing systems for lithium-ion batteries is fire and explosion protection. Defective or overloaded high-voltage batteries can catch fire. The Plug&Test Labs are therefore equipped with safety systems in accordance with Hazard Level 6 (battery breakage, flying debris). Fire is detected at an early stage by cameras, gas and temperature sensors. A fire automatically activates the extinguishing system. Various technologies are available to implement this, depending on customer specifications: nitrogen inerting, water sprinklers, flooding the test chamber or an extinguishing system with high-pressure water vapour, which diffuses in the test chamber in seconds and has a powerful cooling effect. The appropriate solution is configured individually according to customer requirements.
The containers themselves are reinforced against high pressure. Pressure relief flaps and a bursting disk release gases in a controlled way should overpressure develop. All cable and hose ducts are protected with secure silicone plugs and covers. A sealed syphon prevents gases leaking out into the drainage system under high pressure.