Telstar LyoQuest freeze dryer with integrated pre-freezing, primary & secondary drying

Telstar Lyoquest freeze dryer

The latest in Telstar’s line of laboratory freeze dryers makes it possible to carry out pre-freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying processes in a single device.  The Telstar LyoQuest is the only freeze dryer on the market that combines all of these features into a single device so that users can work with different types of samples (vials, trays, ampoules, and flasks) using the same piece of equipment.

In addition to being versatile, LyoQuest also allows users to create recipes involving temperature and vacuum control thanks to its PLC controller. The innovative design of this freeze dryer results in an extremely small unit with large condensation capacity. The LyoQuest has a condensation capacity of 8 liters.  Furthermore, its design makes it possible to pre-freeze products inside the device, often without the need for an additional freezer.