Take Control of Patient Tissue Blocks : A Breakthrough In Tissue Block Management

Thermo Scientific Arcos Syntri Block Management System has been launched, offering a breakthrough in the way that tissue management is handled and managed. The system is designed to minimise any errors, increase productivity and keep the lab resources focused on more important matters than hand sorting or finding lost tissue blocks and thus saving thousands of man-hours per year. This range is exclusively supplied locally by Labotec.
Some main features of the Syntri Arcos Block Management System :
· File and store x240 blocks in just two minutes!
· Easy retrieval of old blocks
· No more miss-placements or miss-filing

The way it works, simply place your blocks in the Arcos tray right at the microtome. At the end of the day, push the tray into the scanner. In about two minutes, the system will scan, photograph and record the position of every block in the tray. Simply enter the location where you will store the tray and your database is immediately updated.
To retrieve the blocks quickly and easily, select the block you need with the Arcos system, and it will find the location of the tray and the position of the block within the tray. If you need to return the block to storage, simply place it in the next try to be scanned, and the Arcos system will update your database to reflect the new position.