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New Hettich Centrifuge Rotors for More Convenience

Hettich Centrifuge Rotors

Hettich Zentrifugen UNIVERSAL 320 and UNIVERSAL 320R centrifuges are even more versatile than ever before with the introduction of new rotors to the accessory list that will enable you to carry out virtually any centrifuging task required in any industrial, research or clinical laboratory. Ten swing-out rotors, seven fixed-angle rotors, one haematocrit rotor and three […]

Workbench Separation Technology with New Microlitre Centrifuge

Workbench Separation Technology with New Microlitre Centrifuge

Hettich has a new micro centrifuge called the Mikro 185 (which supersedes the MIKRO 120), and with its choice of four rotors that can hold 12, 18 or 24 samples, it is much more flexible and can satisfy a variety of requirements.   All the separation steps necessary in molecular biological or PCR applications that do […]

30 Years from Tuttlingen to here

Hettich centrifuges from Tuttlingen, Germany

This year, 2012, celebrates the 30th year that Hettich centrifuges have been imported from Tuttlingen in Germany, all the way to Labotec in SA. Tuttlingen town is built around the Honberg mountain where ruins of a castle built in the Middle Ages still stand. Each summer the castle transforms into a famous location for festivals […]