The Thermo Scientific Orion Star™ benchtop meter kits have customised applications that offer everything you need in one convenient package. You can save up to a quarter for the full kit instead of buying each component separately.  So, whether you need to determine nitrate in drinking water, ammonia in wastewater, the conductivity of a solution, or the pH in food, each kit contains exactly what you need.


Orion application packages include the appropriate hand-held or benchtop Star Series meter, the necessary electrodes, solutions, and accessories to measure parameters in pH, ion concentration with ISE, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature analysis.  To order, you simply select your parameter, and every component is matched to that analysis, and a comprehensive, pre-configured kit is supplied.


The Star meters combine easy three-button operation with exceptional long-life performance.  They are rugged enough for challenging field/laboratory applications.  Up to 10 setup parameters and calibrations can be stored, and additional methods can be downloaded from the Web.  Intelligent features include calibration reminders that can be set and an automatic or manual temperature compensation, salinity correction, and barometric pressure compensation.  This is known as SMART STABILITY™ and SMART AVAERAGING™ functions that will automatically compensate for any measurement conditions.  Up to 200 points of data logging can be downloaded to a computer or printer.


The Orion Star™ series meet approval from CE, CSA, TÜV, UL, and FCC Class A, and are supplied with a three-year replacement warranty.