The Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star™ T910 pH automated titrator is modern, simplified and designed to make performing titrations easier, more reliable, more reproducible and faster than manual titrations. The Orion Star T910 combines Thermo Scientific’s core electrochemistry technology with a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system to expand the number of ions and compounds that can be measured beyond direct electrode analysis. It offers dynamic process controls that adjust the titration to optimise analysis results. The system is paired with the premium Orion ROSS pH electrodes, which offer excellent stability, fast response, high accuracy and precision, long lifespan and minimal long-term drift.

Use the Orion Star T910 pH titrator for dedicated acid-base titrations including:
• Titratable acidity of juices and wines
• Acidity of food products
• Alkalinity of waters
• Acidity and alkalinity of consumer products
• Total acid number (TAN)
• Total base number (TBN)

This compact titrator is designed to:
• Offer easy-to-use navigation from setup to live titration analysis to data transfer
• Showcase titrations, onscreen instructions and help menus on a large colour graphic touchscreen display
• Create and save up to ten user-defined methods
• Save up to 100 titration data sets with date/time stamp
• Facilitate data transfer to printer, computer or USB drive

And offers the following benefits:
• Accurate, Reproducible Results: Automating the titration workflow enables analyses to be run using the same setup parameters and calculations every time.
• Fast Setup Time: Setup and save electrode-, titrant- and titration parameters once using customisable methods
• Prioritise Lab Throughput: Start the titration and let the instrument run unattended.
• Minimal Cost and Downtime: Easily replace titrator parts to minimize maintenance downtime while long lasting electrodes reduce the cost of ownership.
• Securely Document Test Results: View results live, in the summary table, and within the 100-point data log.
• Applications Database: Tested and validated pre-programmed methods can be easily uploaded onto your titrator via USB flash drive.