Labotec, in partnership with Buchi, Switzerland recently presented a workshop for laboratories specialising in food, pharma and chemistry on how to easily separate, identify and quantify sample compounds. The workshop proved popular with full attendance in all three locations; Midrand, Cape Town and Durban where it was held. The two presenters; Gerhard Schonenberger from Buchi and Eileen Fouche from Labotec, took the delegates through both theoretical and practical sessions by using chromatographic and analytical techniques on how to select the correct solvents, correct analysis of the (sometimes novel) compounds and how this can save money in the long term.

The journey from separation and then purification started with a session on tips and tricks in chromatography, lyophilisation and then tips and tricks for rotary evaporation. This was followed with sample preparation – dry-loading and freezing, through to optimisation of the separation procedure, giving an indication of some of the topics covered on the day. There were loads of questions and good interactions in the hands-on sessions.

Should you need more information, or need some help on this topic, you are welcome to call Labotec on +27 11 3155434 or email: for a copy of the presentation, or product demonstration on any Buchi instruments.