SA Winner Announced For Elga Purelabwater Dino International Competition



L-R : Prof Amelia Goddard and Carien Muller from Onderstepoort Veterinary Academy – Animal Clinical Studies receiving part of their prize; Elga consumables for a year for their Elga Medica R7-15 from Annemerie Heystek, Labotec (Labotec are the local agents for Elga Labwater).

Do you Know What Would Happen to Your Experiments if You Didn’t Change Your Water Consumables?  Elga Labwater UK held a fun competition during 2016 where entrants had to watch an online video and answer a simple question about a professor who was too busy to change his water consumables.  The lab water cultivated itself, and this ended up growing into a dinosaur chasing the professor around the lab. Each entrant in the competition received an egg, which was delivered by Elga’s local agent Labotec and their representatives.  The egg had to be placed in water, and the entrants had to tweet a picture of what hatched out of the egg, which turned out to be a little dinosaur.

The winner of the Elga Dino International Competition was won by a SOUTH AFRICAN LAB!!! Congratulations to Carien Muller from Onderstepoort Veterinary Academy – Animal Clinical Studies. She wins for the lab a year’s supply of consumables for their Elga Medica R7-15, plus chocolates flown in from the UK every month for a year.

Each entrant also received a whitepaper on peek water purity and how to optimally care for consumables.  For a copy of this paper, you are welcome to contact Labotec on 011 3155434 or email :