Purified Water for Mammalian & Bacterial Cell Culture


Water for bacterial cell culture should be at least Type II quality, while the more sensitive mammalian cell culture requires Type I ultrapure water with high resistivity (> 18 MΩ.cm) and free from bacteria, endotoxins and other contaminants to avoid adversely affecting the culture. This is the conclusion to an application paper from ELGA LABWATER that investigates the absolute specific level of purified water for mammalian and bacterial cell culture.


To achieve success in mammalian cell culture it is necessary to use extremely pure media and buffers. The use of Type I ultrapure water to effectively eliminate the presence of biologically active species and other contaminants which could interfere with the culturing process is essential. General laboratory grade purified water (Type II) with low levels of bacterial and organic contamination is usually sufficiently pure for bacterial cell culture.

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