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The Labotec Precision balance series offers an economical range of
analytical balances, precision balances, bench-top scales and moisture analysers for general laboratory weighing with high quality durable modular design. These balances guarantee an efficient weighing experience for any weighing application.

The Labotec Precision analytical balance range has an electromagnetic
force compensation for enhanced resolution and is built for high-performance with capacities up to 500g and readabilities up to 0.1mg. One can expect reliable operation and fast stabilization to ensure accurate weighing.

The top loader precision balances are easy to operate and come equipped with a high precision load cell. With capacities up to 10,000g and
readability up to 0.01g, an excellent stabilizing time and a small footprint
makes this balance ideal for all laboratory weighing needs.

The top loader bench scales are ideal for warehouses, factories and
laboratories as they offer a larger stainless steel weighing pan and are robustly manufactured for industrial environments. With capacities up to 33kg, these scales are easy to operate to ensure trustworthy weighing solutions.

The MT range of moisture analysers from Labotec Precision offers moisture analysis for all industries. This is made easy with a halogen lamp to ensure uniform heating and reliable results with a readability up to 0.01% and 110g capacity. They also feature built-in memory and a removable pan handler for easy cleaning.