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Inovenso aim to develop very efficient electrospinning machines and accelerate nanofiber science, using polymer nanofibers for a wide variety of applications such as biomedical, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical, energy, filtration, material sciences, textile, agriculture, cosmetics, and many others.

They are proud to have brought new innovative approaches to overcome many common obstacles in the nanofiber production field such as scalability, flexibility, standardization, and reproducibility with developing customized electrospinning devices all the way from any lab-scale desktop starter kits to industrial-scale electrospinning machines.

Today, Inovenso Inc. is creating Nanotechnology ecosystems with its multidisciplinary departments and teams and is truly a global leader with more than 350+ devices all around the world and references from highly prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, Cornell and worldwide companies such as 3M, Honeywell, and many others.

They offer a wide variety of electrospinning devices in three main categories as Laboratory Scale, Semi-Industrial and Industrial Scale Nanofiber Production Electrospinning Equipment, as well as manufacturing needle-based, hybrid, single-nozzle, and multi-nozzle electrospinning devices and their accessories.

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