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Erlab pioneered the technology of ductless filtered fume hoods in 1968 and has remained the world leader with three production facilities in France for Western and Eastern Europe, in USA for North and Central America and in China for Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.  Today Erlab produces a Filtration Ecosystem, developed in its unique R&D labs in France, designed to fully protect the chemists:

  • when handling chemicals with the range of GreenFumeHoods and Captair Smart fume hoods,
  • when storing chemicals with the range of Captair Smart storage cabinets
  • when inhaling the air in the lab with the range of Halo room air filtration boxes.

Replacing the traditional complicated ducted and air supply systems with filtration and recirculation of the cleansed air into the room provides full flexibility to those products, which can be combined in the laboratory room to enhance efficiently the safety of the chemists, save very high aircon air energy and protect 100% the environment of the building.  The installation of the Erlab products anywhere in the lab is fast and requires only an electrical socket!

Erlab guarantee the safety of its filtration products through a comprehensive and free Erlab Safety Program consisting of:

  • Validating the intended chemical applications before selling the products with the online eValiQuest procedure,
  • Dedicating the use of the bought unit with the ValiPass affixed on the unit designed to alert the user about the authorized chemicals to be used and the expected filters life.
  • Providing an online follow‐up service named ValiGuard to verify regularly with the chemist the use of the Erlab product to guarantee permanently its safety

All the Erlab products can be controlled remotely on a mobile, a computer or a tablet using the eGuard App which allows a safety officer, wherever he is, to be alerted in real time, together with the user, of a malfunction of the Erlab units installed in the lab building or when the filters have to be changed.
Additionally, Erlab provides:

  • Filtration boxes for fireproof cabinets and acids storage cabinets Chemtrap
  • Vertical laminar flow cabinets Captair Flow
  • PCR laminar flow cabinet Captair Bio
  • Mobile gloveboxes Pyramid

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Ductless Laboratory Air Filtration Systems

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Ductless Laboratory Air Filtration Systems

Halo Air Filtration System


Disposable Glove Boxes

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Chemical Storage Cabinets

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Ductless Fume Hoods

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