Powerful Energy Saving Chemical Storage & Filtration

Captair - Powerful Energy Saving Chemical Storage & Filtration

Your health could be at risk if you breathe small quantities of ordinary chemicals every day, as each chemical has a threshold at which the chemical becomes harmful to your health. Protection from ordinary everyday chemicals at your workstation is possible, and for this purpose Captair, part of the Erlab group (and distributed locally by Labotec), have a range of products dedicated to user safety in the laboratory. Their Captair Store range of air filtration cabinets for the storage and filtration of noxious and odorous chemicals operate 24 hours per day and serve the dual purpose of filtering any harmful smells from chemical bottles stored within the cabinet, as well as filter the air in the laboratory. This continuous air filtration of air both inside and outside the cabinet results in a safer atmosphere for chemists and the environment.

Due to the low energy consumption of maximum 36 Watts, the units are energy efficient, which results in a cost saving. Captair Storeflex units are easily installed as no ducting is required, and they are easy to relocate if needed. A patented modular filtration column is stacked vertically, monitored and managed by a computerised panel to indicate saturation levels. The filtration can be adapted for the storage of liquid chemicals and or powders with a large storage capacity from 10 to 240 litres available, depending on the model chosen.

In addition to the Captair Storeflex units, Captair’s range of products covers Ductless Fume hoods, PCR Workstations, Laminar Flow hoods, smaller storage cabinets and disposable protective enclosures. Within the Ductless Fume Hood range, a choice of various models exist for the total filtration of chemicals and safe handlings. All units are in compliance with the European standards BS 7258 and AFNOR NF X 15-211.