Pipetting Techniques to Improve Serial Dilution Assays

Pipetting Techniques to Improve Serial Dilution Assays

INTEGRA has published a new white paper that discusses how observing good pipetting practice helps to achieve better results in serial dilution assays.

Preparation of reproducible serial dilution assays, especially in 384-well plates, is a challenging task because they require many pipetting actions and are highly dependent on an operator’s technique and experience. However, observing good pipetting practice helps immensely to improve reproducibility and accuracy.

In this white paper the author focuses on a selection of good pipetting techniques, which if maintained offer the best chance of increasing and maintaining the reproducibility of your serial dilutions. Mixing is a key component of dilution protocols.  Different mixing parameters to help you achieve a homogenous sample are outlined.

However, if your objective is to streamline the serial dilution process, and at the same time ensure maximum reproducibility, then an automated pipetting system is highly beneficial. The author introduces the VIAFLO ASSIST – a product purpose designed for this task. For a copy of this white paper please click here.

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