Perfect Petri Dishes for Botswana National Veterinary Lab

Petri dish -

Using their new Media Jet 360 Automatic Media Preparation System from Integra Biosciences, the Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory (BNVL) has significantly increased their output and reduced downtime in the media preparation department. This system was recently installed by scientific company Labotec, and is used as a highly productive alternative to the previously tedious and time consuming task of manual media preparation.

BNVL is a specialised division of the Department of Veterinary Services and offers top quality control and diagnostic service for the proper management of animals and disease prevention throughout Botswana. At least 29 tests of their tests are accredited to ISO by SANAS (SA National Accreditation System), which effectively guarantees the results produced. BNVL also certifies products of animal origin such as milk, dairy, meat for human consumption, and receives samples for testing from various diverse sources such as farmers, extension agents, government departments and private veterinary practitioners. The Media Jet is situated in the Media Preparation Unit at BNVL where media is prepared and plated for all the laboratory sections. This includes the Bacteriology and Food & Dairy hygiene sections which require various types of media agars from standard to blood agar.

Mr Robert Mackenzie (Deputy Quality Manager) commented that, “the new automated petri dish filling system reduces our manual system in media preparation and speedup on the number of media that can be produced on a daily basis. The laboratory is an accredited facility, and the Media Jet will go a long way in improving the quality of media produced.” Up to 900 petri dishes can be filled per hour now, and the Media Jet provides truly walk away operation using a proven mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filing process. Another advantage is the unique ”media spread function” capability that provides the most efficient use of media through ensuring homogenous distribution and an even surface. Thus, minimizing losses and easily regulating the agar level in each Petri dish, the new system enables up to 30% savings on media compared to traditional systems.