The Ebro Food Oil Monitor FOM 330 helps find the right time to change frying oil when frying food. This helpful device detects any high concentrations of potentially harmful substances, e.g. acrylamide, and will contribute to taste and crispness. The Food Oil Monitor FOM 330 shows you exactly, whether you still can use the oil, and therefore helps you reduce costs by providing an objective, accurate, and reliable measurement for clear, repeatable results you can count on.

The Ebro FOM monitor provides easy handling with the one-button version where only an on/off button is visible. This way the kitchen staff only see what they need to see – switch on, measure, done. The Food Oil Monitor FOM 330 measures the polar materials in the oil, which are shown in % TPM, and issues a good statement of the quality of the oil.

The measurement values are clearly shown in the big display. In addition, the device has a big signal lamp evaluating the result: green for fresh oil, yellow for questionable oil, and red for too old oil. This lamp is shining all-around, therefore giving a distinct signal not only to the inspector but to all attendees. There is also a comfortable option to calibrate it with the oil of choice.