Particle Shape & Size Determination By Dynamic Image Analysis

Digital Image Analysis with the NEW Analysette 28, ImageSizer and ImageTec from German company Fritsch

The analysis of particle shape and size by Digital Image Analysis with the NEW Analysette 28, ImageSizer and ImageTec from German company Fritsch  is effective user-friendly and guarantees accurate results in the range of 20 µm – 20 mm.  Especially useful for analysing dry, free-flowing powders and bulk solids, the optical analysis identifies particle shape, size, damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates or oversized- or undersized-particles, which are recognised accurately and quickly and can be viewed as single images. The measuring time, depending on the sample quantity, is below 5 minutes and the result is available immediately.

The core of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is a 5 megapixel camera, which assures highest resolution even with smallest particles. The telecentric lenses guarantee images of each individual particle absolutely free of distortions and always in the same reproduction scale – no matter where it is located in the measurement volume.    Up to 30 images per second can be generated due to the automated process.  Any freely definable number of images can be recorded and evaluated.

It takes only three motions to complete an analysis: add the sample, start the measurement, read the result. This method offers a cost effective alternative to sieving due to fast and efficient size measurement.  The evaluation and measuring is uniquely simple.  Using software displays, each recorded particle is displayed as a data point in the Fritsch cloud, which shows important information regarding morphology.

Your advantages with the NEW ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer:

  • Extra-wide measuring range 20 μm – 20 mm
  • High-performance camera with 4 telecentric lenses
  • Extensive library for morphological analysis
  • Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
  • Simple operation via SOP control and report generator