Only Provider of Three Key Technologies in Protein Determination

Buchi Dumaster for Nitrogen & Protein Determination

BUCHI has launched their new Dumas analyzer DuMaster D-480, which makes them the only provider of the three most widely used key technologies for nitrogen and protein determination – Kjeldahl, Dumas and NIR. Whatever is required, be it quality control for declaration purposes, inspection of incoming or outgoing goods, at-line production control, the new Master series with KjelMaster K-375, DuMaster D-480, and NIRMaster Pro IP65 covers all needs.

There are many different factors to consider in modern protein determination in food and feed: consistence and variation of the sample matrix, random access versus batch processing, compliance with internal or official regulations, versatile use for different analyses. BUCHI is the reliable partner who masters all three complementary technologies at the highest quality level combined with efficient and personalised service.