Integra Biosciences has just released an additional deck and tube rack to enable increased pipetting throughput for use with their compact Assist Plus pipetting robot.  The new extra four position Portrait Deck, which is purchased separately, allows the user to accommodate four different labware items instead of the previous three.  The Assist Plus unit is able to automate repetitive processes, such as serial dilutions, reformatting, and set-up of assay plates all without the need for dedicated personnel or complex programming.  In addition, Integra has added a new rack for 2 ml HPLC screw neck HPLC/ Autosampler/Crimp Vials that can be processed on the Assist Plus deck.

Intuitive to use, the Assist Plus pipetting robot utilises Integra’s electronic multichannel pipettes to deliver flexible, reproducible and error-free pipetting. Simply mount an Integra Viaflo or Voyager electronic pipette onto the Assist pipette holder, choose a protocol, add a tip rack and your lab ware. Press run and the pipetting task will be carried out automatically.

New applications are accessed simply by swapping to a different Integra pipette, ensuring the system will never become obsolete, and the pipettes can still be used manually when desired.

Assist Plus automated multichannel pipetting offers:

  • precise tip positioning in wells
  • optimal tip immersion depths
  • consistent pipetting angle
  • controlled pipetting speeds
  • no pipetting mistakes
  • strict adherence to pipetting programs