IDS Sensor - wireless WTW electrode

Have your measurement wirelessly processed with the electrode you are holding whilst measuring any of the standard parameters of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. The WTW IDS (Intelligent, Digital Sensor) is unique: the plug head sensor on the WTW electrode is indeed wireless and will process signals into digital data, store calibration records and provide data for documentation. No cables and no tugging. The sensitive signals from the electrodes are transferred via Bluetooth to the WTW Inolab Multi meters with a choice of 1-3 channels in a fail-safe and error-free manner.

This outstanding innovation ensures that measurements are processed in the sensor, not the meter. The smart IDS sensors will log on automatically, transfer description, serial number, calibration record and calibration history as well as their complete parameters. The same module is used for all parameters. The meter allows for simultaneous measurement and documentation of up to two or three user-defined parameters with a memory for 10 000 records.

The WTW IDS gives you full flexibility in all areas where cables and wires would disturb, even under laboratory hoods or laminar flow benches. The complete WTW kit is also offered with a wireless module for the sensor and meter, USB charger and universal power supply.