New Thermo Steri-Cycle Series CO2 Incubators For Your Next Breakthrough

Thermo Scientific has launched two new CO2 incubators called Steri-Cycle for sensitive cultures like stem and primary cells, which is exclusively available from their local agents Labotec. New technologies that can be found in the design to enable better cell growth conditions include the THRIVE active airflow for homogenous growth conditions, a proven ISO5 HEPA filtered air on-demand high-temperature sterilisation and enhanced simplicity for added convenience.
In a nutshell, Steri-Cycle direct heat CO2 incubators are available in two sizes, either a 165L or the large capacity 255L for high volume cell culture vessels, both are manufactured from either electropolished stainless steel or 100% pure copper. The units are easy to stack and have a compact footprint, reversible exterior door with easy-to-clean coved-corner interiors.
Thrive Active Airflow Technology
An in-chamber fan gently and evenly distributes clean, humidified air throughout the chamber to provide faster recovery rates and uniformity for consistent results. Should the door open, your cells will experience total recovery of the growth parameters in less than 10 minutes following a 30 second door opening. Any incoming air travels over a direct heated water reservoir resulting in 50% faster humidity recovery.
In-Situ Sensors
Any deviations in desired conditions are quickly detected with dual temperature probes and PID controller. Temperatures recover in under 5 minutes. The advanced zirconium oxide sensors enable a choice of hypoxic or hyperoxic control ranges with the variable oxygen control (tri-gas) enabling you to grow your cells faster as conditions closely mimic the conditions in the body.
Contamination Control
Cultures are protected 24/7 with on-demand high temperature sterilisation “Steri-Run” cycles that reaches 180°C with the push of a button. An overnight routine gets rid of any microbial contaminants and eliminates the need for separate autoclaving of parts. An advanced HEPA filter technology provides ISO-5 clean air quality conditions within only 5 minutes after a 30 second door opening. The chamber is filtered every 60 seconds to ensure air quality.
iCAN Touchscreen Interface
The intelligent iCAN interface provides complete data visibility to monitor all incubator interaction, featuring door-mounted position for easy access, on-screen menu prompts, error and usage logs, data logging, performance trend graphing and multiple language selection.