New Range Price Competitive Ultrasonic Cleaners

Labotec ultrasonic cleaners

Labotec has a new range of Scienttech Ultrasonic cleaners for effectively cleaning micro particles from a wide scope of products. All tanks are manufactured from long lasting 304-stainless steel, and equipped with variable frequency and power settings. These units have an extremely good price to performance ratio.

The Scientech Ultrasonic are especially useful for cleaning any precision instrument part using their ultrasonic vibrations, and for instance can be used for emulsification, mixing and removal of oxidation from surfaces.

There is a choice of five different sizes of cleaners ranging from 2.5 to 25 litres. All models operate with a temperature range of ambient to a maximum of 80°C. The units are all supplied with baskets and lids as standard, and all the units above 4 litre capacity are fitted with drain taps for easy maintenance.