Labotec has been appointed as the exclusive agent for the VWR range of microscopes for southern Africa. Here you will find the most basic to cutting-edge optical technology, as well as microscope slides, coverslips, and associated handling products from VWR, plus a full range of slide storage and image recording equipment.  So, whether you are pushing the boundaries in research, need consistency in your industry, or training future scientists, everything you might need is available locally with this extensive choice of microscopes, cameras, light sources, and accessories.

VWR Microscopes are built for sustainability and performance. Their low energy consumption is only 3 Watts and several models offer an environmentally advantageous solar power source as an accessory, which allows an LED lifetime of 50 000 hours compared to only 1500 hours of an ordinary halogen lamp. VWR’s market-leading consistency and reliability are backed up with warranties that run for many years.

VWR® offers a full range of Microscopy products from routine, Fluorescence, Polarisation, Metallurgical with an integrated camera, inverted microscope with brightfield and phase contrast, Wi-Fi and tablet cameras, consumables like slides, and coverslips, and a range of eyepieces, objectives, dust covers and more.

Here are some examples of the range available useful for specific industries. For more information on how we can help you, please contact Labotec by email –

For Academia and Research – VISISCOPE BL224PL T1

  • Educational and laboratory microscope with integrated camera and removable tablet
  • Multilingual tablet with touch screen LCD for wireless or Bluetooth® connection and powered by a two-cell Li-Ion battery

Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives (x4, x10, x40, x100), OTG cable (micro-B to USB-A), USB camera cable (micro-B to USB-B), and touch pen. Includes image analysis VisiCam® software, and a battery for up to 10 hours in the continuous camera live view mode.

For Universities, Path labs – VISISCOPE 800 TL824

  • VisiScope 800 laboratory microscopes are designed for research projects
  • Optional observation methods (BF, DF, PH)

Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives, dust cover and power supply.

For Basic entry-level Tertiary Education, Path Labs & Industry – VISISCOPE 100 BL124

  • Education microscopes for transmitted light observations, routine applications
  • Coated eyepieces, anti-fungus objectives
  • Focusing mechanism with limit stop
  • Efficient and energy-saving LED
  • Die-cast frame, high stability and ergonomic design
  • Conform EUP 205/32/EC. Achromatic DIN objectives

Supplied ready to use with eyepieces. Objectives (x4, x10, x40, x100), dust cover and manual.

For Life Science labs, Cell studies – INVERTED MICROSCOPE, VISISCOPE® IT415 PH

  • BF and PH unit for routine inspections
  • Light source and condenser are above specimen
  • Best for in-vivo cell culture purposes.
  • Plan achromatic lens, LWD (long working distance) objectives, ideal for cell-based analyses.

Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives, dust cover, green filters (IF550) and multi-plug power supply