Labotec is expanding its offering of products with a range of Labotec branded Filtration Consumables (Filter paper, membrane filters and syringe filters) economically priced for local markets, but at the same time offering superior quality. Freshly packaged in new blue and white boxes, the new Labotec Filter Paper is the ideal choice for both Qualitative and Quantitative applications where you can select from a wide range of diameters and flow rates.

Qualitative Filter Paper

This filter paper is produced from high-quality cotton linters with an average 0.1% ash content. This range is ideal for analytical and routine analyses when no gravimetric analyses are required. Qualitative filter paper is suitable for a range of applications in various industries from agriculture to food and feed.


Quantitative Filter Paper

The ash-less filter paper range (<0.007% Ash) is particularly suited for quantitative routine analysis. The paper is produced from pure alpha cotton cellulose, then double acid-washed and rinsed with ultra-pure water. This produces paper which is excellent for gravimetric analyses and preparation of samples for instrumental analysis.


Diameters available (mm):

55; 70; 90; 110; 125; 150; 180; 185; 240; 320; 400; or custom

Grade equivalents available:

1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44