New Novasina Precision Hand Meter Integrates Climatic Parameters

New Novasina Precision Hand Meter Integrates Climatic Parameters

Swiss company Novasina has launched the new “ClimMate”, a versatile handheld device for detection and storage of various parameters such as air humidity, temperature, absolute pressure, air velocity, CO2, water activity and several other calculated parameters. The new technology in combination with digital sensors allows also a future integration of other parameters.

The set consists of a basic device and the unique nSens-HT sensors with resistive-electrolytic measurement technology. This very accurate sensor enables to measure and monitor the climate with precision and reliability.

The “ClimMate” device includes a 2 million data point storage and a data file management system. The brilliant colour touch screen supports the intuitive operation of this smart instrument. The “ClimMate” can also be connected to a PC by a USB interface and data storage and visualisation can be done by the included “SmartGraph III” software. The instrument is powered by 4 AA LR6 alkaline batteries and alternatively by a USB Power supply unit.

ClimMate set consists of:

  • 1x carrying case for instrument and senosors
  • 1x multifunction basic device ClimMate
  • 1x USB connection cable, length 1,8m
  • 4x alcaline batteries LR6 AA, 1,5V
  • 1x nSens-HT ENS probe including nLink-UMB adapter
  • 1x nSens-cable extension, length 2m
  • 2x Novasina humidity standards SAL-SC 33% and 75%RH
  • 1x adapter SAL-SC for nSens
  • 1x short instruction manual
  • 2x factory calibration certificates (abs.pressure and nSens-HT)
  • 1x SmartGraph III Software on CD