New Look for Orion Two Channel Star Meter

Thermo Scientific Orion Dual Star Meter

Improve your sample measurement with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Dual Star™pH/ISE dual channel benchtop meter. The Orion Dual Star meter allows you to view the results of two channels simultaneously or display large individual measurements on a large, backlit graphic display.  Measure pH, ion concentration (ISE), mV, relative mV or ORP with temperature using the meter’s two BNC, reference pin-tip and ATC temperature inputs. Collect your critical measurements, and know when your readings are ready with an onscreen stability indicator designed to alert you when readings are fluctuating or stable.

 Features and Benefits

  • Quickly toggle to show both channels simultaneously or each channel separately
  • Easy to follow onscreen text prompts for calibration and setup menus
  • Enjoy quick meter set up and data entry with a numeric keypad and menu-specific function keys
  • Perform up to a 6 point pH calibration with automatic recognition for USA/NIST and EURO/DIN buffers with option to manually input custom buffer values
  • Perform up to a 6 point ion concentration (ISE) calibration with non-linear auto-blank and low-concentration stability options or use incremental methods for single/double known addition and single/double known subtraction •
  • Smart Stability and Smart Averaging functions designed to automatically compensate for measurement conditions • EZ Startup™ menu helps to facilitates quick and easy first time meter setup