New Hettich Incubators : The Ecobalanced HettCube

HettCube - New Hettich Incubators : The Ecobalanced HettCube

Hettich has launched its first brand new range of high class, ergonomic and sustainable incubators called HettCube. This range offers excellent eco-balanced features to reduce the impact on the environment and running costs. For instance the incubators only heat or cool as necessary, and at an operating temperature of 37°C, the maximum energy consumption is less than 0.05kW/h, which will save energy and money and protect the environment. In addition HettCubes are insulated with water-blown foam, which contains no fluorinated hydrocarbons and its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 1000 times lower than customary insulating foams.

We all know that space in the lab is a rarity. Hettich incubators – with their large usable volume and small footprint – take on this challenge with optimal use of space. And, their volume may be utilized in full since cultures will be exposed to the same ideal conditions at any position inside the incubator. The unique system guarantees this, by generating a very low airflow while enabling uniform temperature distribution on the inside of the incubator. So-called hot spots don’t have a chance to form. The complete inside space can be used and the danger of contamination or of cultures drying out is minimised.

State-of-the-art control technology allows exact temperature control, so that microorganisms experience optimal growth conditions at all times. Precisely timed interruption of the incubation process – with storage of results, for example over the weekend – is also possible. The temperature is precisely adjustable in 0.1 °C increments. HettCube incubators can also operate at a temperature 1 K above a stable ambient temperature. This allows the HettCube incubator to be used without cooling, whereas many units on the market may require compressor systems. Moreover, the incubators generate a pleasantly low noise level (< 45 dBA).

The incubators easily adapt to space constraints. For instance, with just a few quick adjustments, the door hinge can be moved from one side to the other. And when things get hectic in the laboratory, users will really appreciate the incubators’ many user-friendly details: Hands full? No problem at all – the door closes automatically.