New Hettich Centrifuge Rotors for More Convenience

Hettich Centrifuge Rotors

Hettich Zentrifugen UNIVERSAL 320 and UNIVERSAL 320R centrifuges are even more versatile than ever before with the introduction of new rotors to the accessory list that will enable you to carry out virtually any centrifuging task required in any industrial, research or clinical laboratory.

Ten swing-out rotors, seven fixed-angle rotors, one haematocrit rotor and three cyto-rotors are available.  Both models can hold microtitre plates and tubes for the testing of chrome baths, in addition to standard tubes and cytology accessories.  The carriers for the rotors offer more safety with their bio-containment lid, and one can conveniently fix and remove this lid with one hand due to its single-hand clamp lock.  If the clamp lock is in its central position then no aerosol release is possible and the carrier can be carried to the centrifuge, workbench or any other workplace, and centrifuged without the risk of aerosol generation.

The UNIVERSAL 320 model can centrifuge 4 x 200 ml in a single run.  In addition, angle rotors are available for 6 x 94 ml and 32 x 15 ml cell culture tubes, 30 x 1.5 / 2 ml reaction tubes and two cyto-rotors for 12 microscope slide preparations.  They can be used for numerous standard applications at low speeds up to 4,193 RCF and a maximum volume of 200 ml.  Conical 50 ml tubes can be centrifuged at up to 8,965 RCF.  This enables rapid sedimentation of bacteria and yeast cells.  A maximum RCF of 21,382 can be achieved with microlitre tubes.   The temperature of the UNIVERSAL 320R can be set to any desired value in the range -20 to +40 °C.