Labotec Filtration ManifoldsThe new Labotec Filtration Manifolds are available in single, three or six branches with a choice of glass or stainless steel funnels. As an introductory special, Labotec is offering a combination of Labotec manifolds, KNF vacuum pump & Labotec membrane filters at a reduced price till end Dec 2019 for you to try it out.
This filtration system is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, environmental protection, food and beverage etc. Vacuum filtration involves the collection of a particulate (bacteria, precipitate, etc.) from a liquid suspension. Liquid poured into a funnel passes through a filter, which retains the particulate, and filtrate can be collected into a filter flask directly or via a vacuum manifold.
Features of the Labotec Filtration Manifold
The multi-branch vacuum filtration systems from Labotec have an integrative filter with a durable structure and beautiful contours. They are equipped with separate valves so that it can filter a single sample or multiple samples simultaneously. This can save time when testing many samples. The solvent filter is made from 316L stainless steel and has characteristics of acid-resistance, alkali resistance, fast filtering speed, long service life, easy cleaning and operating. There is also a choice of glass solvent filters in two sizes. This glass solvent filter is made of high-quality extra hard glass that can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure. The features include:
– A vacuum support for filtration of single, 3 or 6 test samples
– Support frit and base in T316L stainless steel
– 47mm or 50mm diameter membrane
– Glass and stainless steel funnels 300 ml.
– Glass collection vessel 1000ml with vacuum pipe
– Annodised aluminium spring clamp
– Support screen and pore size in PTFE 20µm and stainless steel 316L 100 µm
– Acid-resistance, alkali resistance and fast filtering speed for 316L version
– Can worked under 180℃ – 200℃ high temperature
– Individual control valve, convenient to operate several samples filtration at same time
– Whole set can be autoclaved for easy cleaning and decontamination
Features of Labotec Membrane Filters
The Labotec Membrane Filters are thin, polymeric films comprising millions of microscopic pores catering for a variety of solutions to perfectly match your requirements. These membranes are thin, polymeric films. Sterile options are available, and custom sizes are available on request.

Some Applications
– Continuous filtration
– Microbiological fluids removal and particle analysis
– Filtration of biological solutions (proteins)
– Filtration of aqueous and organic solvents
– Purification and outgas of solutions and HPLC solvents