New Fast, Compact Sartorius Moisture Balances

MA160, Moisture Balance - New Fast, Compact Sartorius Moisture Balances

Two new ranges of Sartorius Moisture balances have been introduced this year.  The MA37 is the next-generation infrared moisture analyser that has replaced the MA35, and will deliver fast, accurate results with its easy-to-use interface for routine measurements.  The more sophisticated MA160 gives you more flexibility, has a large memory capacity and supports the development of new methods in three easy steps.  Both units have been equipped with BetterClean design to allow for efficient and easy cleaning of the units.


Ideal for users who require a fast, reliable moisture content analysis for liquid, pastry and solid substances using the thermogravimetric method, which is much faster than traditional standard oven drying procedures.  Sample quantity needs to be 5-15g with a maximum weighing capacity of 70g, and temperature range settings are between 40-160°C.  Two powerful rugged and durable heating elements are able to heat the sample at hand. The status light displayed makes it easy to track the measurement status progress.


To support the work in a QC lab or in process, the MA160 is ideal for the moisture analysis of a varying range of samples under different conditions.  New methods can be generated in three uncomplicated and intuitive steps for various samples with a maximum weighing capacity of 200g.   As with the MA37, the optimised heating element produces high-speed measurements, and the measuring status is constantly visible.  The results can be exported to an SD card or other instrument, and the premium GLP printer is able to print labels.