New Compact Tube Furnace Range

Tube furnaces are ideal for heating small sample volumes with excellent temperature uniformity. They are often the most economical choice when working in an inert atmosphere or under vacuum. The new 1,200°C E-series of tube furnaces from Carbolite, and distributed locally by Labotec, offer an extensive range of compact split and nonsplit tube furnaces for laboratory use. The furnaces are available with heated lengths of 150, 300, 450 and 600 mm and a maximum tube diameter of 60 mm.

Available tube materials are metal, ceramic and quartz.  Optional tube adapters allow for the use of varying diameters up to the maximum of 60 mm in the same furnace, offering increased flexibility.  The EST and EVT split tube furnaces are hinged, allowing them to be opened to reduce the cool-down time. In combination with the fast heat up rates, this results in a high sample throughput.  The EHC, EZS, EVC and EVZ three-zone models are all available with heated lengths of 450 and 600 mm.  The standard slave-control option ensures a longer uniform zone than can be achieved in a single zone furnace.  An easy to use angle adjustment option on the vertical furnaces also allows horizontal and multi-angle configurations.


  • Maximum temperature 1200 °C
  • Compact size for easy bench top use
  • Fast heat up rates, short cool-down times and excellent temperature uniformity
  • Wide range of digital PID and program controllers
  • Optional accessories offer flexibility for use with inert atmosphere and vacuum
  • Outside tube diameters of 32, 46, and 60 mm can be used