Thermo Scientific: New Buffers Automate Slide Ihc Pretreatment For Quicker Turnaround Time

The new Thermo Scientific Dewax and Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) Buffers simultaneously automate deparaffinisation, rehydration and epitope retrieval in the Thermo Scientific PT Module. This new formulation improves turnaround time by eliminating the manual steps normally required for IHC pretreatment, and therefore helps to deliver patient results faster than before. In addition, the results are concordant to traditional methods, which means they can quickly be integrated into routine workflow.

Aqueous deparaffinisation is the method of choice of IHC instruments but often yields incomplete deparaffinisation when paraffin melts and pools at the surface and the slide is recoated with wax upon removal. This does not happen with the new Thermo buffers. Paraffin is dissolved into the aqueous solution more completely and at lower temperatures to prevent any wax recoating the slide upon removal. The slides can be removed cleanly.

The Dewax and HIER buffer formats are provided in convenient sizes for use in the PT Modules. Simply add one bottle of buffer to the tank and top off with DI water. Multiple cycles are possible, and the PT Module will take care of the dewaxing, rehydration and epitope retrieval for you.