Due to a high customer requests, Integra have just introduced the new 10, 50 and 100 µl 16 channel Evolve manual pipette.  This is an addition to the existing Evolve pipette series that covers single, eight and twelve channel formats and a volume range of 0.2 – 5,000 µl.

The new 16 channel Evolve is ideal for working with 384 well plates. Featuring the Evolve quickset dials, users can set volumes more than ten times faster compared to traditional manual pipettes!


Traditional pipettes normally use a single rotating plunger to set volumes, while the Evolve features only one dial for setting each of three volume digits by simply depressing and twisting the plunger to release spring tension from the volume dials.  Here one can freely adjust all dials in either direction.  Once set, twist and return the plunger to the up position. Besides the efficiency and speed of this system, a further advantage of Integra’s Evolve Quick Set Dial design is that it prevents inadvertent volume drift due to plunger movements while pipetting.


Evolve Manual pipettes are optimized for use with Integra’s wide range of GripTips pipette tips. They will never fall off and are perfectly aligned, resulting in superior accuracy and precision.  GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection.

For a demonstration to test for yourself how the Evolve operates, please contact Labotec, exclusive agents for Integra on email :