ADTEC Mixers Fit for the Toughest Industrial Adhesives

Heidolph stirrers at ADTEC Mixers Fit for the Toughest Industrial Adhesives
New and innovative product development is a primary priority at Adhesive Technologies (Pty) Ltd (“ADTEC”). ADTEC’s strict Quality Policy, dictates constant product review and improvement to ensure the premier quality of their diverse product range places them ahead of the competition. The ADTEC laboratory is the hub of the company, where the focus is to develop technologically advanced world class adhesive formulations and defect-free products. 

ADTEC understands that successful product development requires the most efficient equipment and the persistent testing of new raw materials and thousands of new product development samples. In keeping with establishing a world class laboratory to match the world class manufacturing equipment, ADTEC has acquired four new class leading Heidolph Overhead Stirrers as well as the new MR Hei-Tec hot-plate and magnetic stirrer supplied by local agents LABOTEC, to add to an already well equipped laboratory. One of ADTEC’s chosen models, the RZR 2102 control features sealed housing for protection against corrosion, has the resilience for an aggressive environment and ensures years of maintenance-free operation. This Heidolph model has a 2-gear setting boasting the power of a 100-W output motor which allows for torque of 400 Ncm in an overload situation and 200 Ncm for continuous operation at speeds from 12 – 2,000 rpm making it ideal for the sticky polymer media.  The viscosity range of these units is up to 100,000 mPa s.

The Heidolph RZR 2102 capable of operating non-stop for extended periods in excess of 120 hrs, was chosen to meet the demands of a busy laboratory. Once the criteria and specifications for a viable product have been established, lab samples can be scaled-up to 75kg pilot plant batches for further laboratory development and customer trials.

ADTEC prides itself on its philosophy of never compromising the quality of the materials or machinery used. Superior raw materials are sourced both internationally and locally. In addition to maintaining an ISO 9001 accreditation, ADTEC applies an absolute commitment to quality; to ensure all products are manufactured to strict quality control procedures and specifications; producing premium trusted products. According to ADTEC Laboratory Head and Managing Director Leon Song, “ADTEC has an extensive infrastructure that has been right-sized for the urgent development and manufacture of products ‘fit for the purpose’, individual products are tailor made to meet specific customer requirements.”

Today, ADTEC manufactures a wide range of specialised adhesives for Paper-converting, Packaging, Panel Construction, Cigarettes, Envelopes, Labelling, Footwear, Flooring, Furniture, Woodworking, Upholstery, Insulation and the Palletising industry.