Milk & Dairy FT-NIR Measurement in Seconds with Buchi

If you need fast and reliable information about your samples in order to make far-reaching deci­sions, then Buchi has the answer to support you in overcoming your daily challenges, from incoming goods inspection to finished product release, with more than 15 years of experience in supplying laboratory and at-line NIR analytical solutions for the milk and dairy industry.


Pre-calibrated applications are already available. An example of this is the immediate measurement of raw-milk quality parameters applications created with samples collected from Italy and other EU customers using the NIRFlex N-500 with Solids Cell, Flow Cell Add-on.  Here the dry-matter, fat, protein, lactose and Criscopic Index can be measured by means of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in a matter of seconds. The same goes for cheeses, powders, yoghurt, cream, butter etc with pre-calibrated parameters already established.


For analysis in the laboratory, the Buchi NIRFlex® N-500 spectrometer can be used.  The unit is flexible, with various measurement cells and add-ons to accommodate any sample matrix.  For in-line analysis, the Buchi  NIRMasterTM spectrometer has the advantage of hygienic, representative sampling, practical, ingress-protected design and a simple operator interface.

The most important benefits of Buchi’s NIR :

Time savings

  • Shorter time to routine use. Measure parameters such as moisture, fat, protein, lactose and much more from day one
  • Measure all parameters simultaneously
  • Control the value chain at each critical point, from incoming goods to finished product release



  • Deliver the same accuracy in the production as in the laboratory
  • Get accurate results from a robust spectral database spanning geographical and seasonal variations

Precision and accuracy

  • The Buchi NIR technology provides unparalleled measurement reproducibility and spectrometer  performance
  • Intimate knowledge and experience with reference methods like Kjeldahl, Dumas and Extraction have been implemented into applications development