Encapsulate your precious active compound. The Encapsulator B-390 and Encapsulator B-395 Pro made by BUCHI Labortechnik AG is designed for the immobilization of enzymes, drugs, flavours & fragrances, vitamins, oils, cells or microbes into a wide range of polymers, such as alginate, carrageen, cellulose sulphate, chitosan, gelatine or pectin, as well as waxes. Applications range from controlled release and protection systems to coatings of particles with functional groups, improvement of capsule stability, dosage and storage.

Uniform capsules and beads are produced with the same technology, which is based on the principle that a laminar flowing liquid jet breaks up into equally sized droplets by superimposed vibration. The droplet diameter is pre-selectable in the range of 0.15 mm to 2 mm with a spherical shape and narrow size distribution (< 5% standard deviation).

The clever bench-top design and innovative technology make the Encapsulator B-390 and B-395 Pro especially suitable for the evaluation of encapsulation during the early stages of product development to perform feasibility studies in pharmaceutical and food R&D laboratories and academic research.

Benefit from the

·         mild encapsulation conditions, which are suitable for animal cell encapsulation at room temperature and at physiological conditions with full viability of encapsulated living material,

·         reproducible bead formation and real-time process control,

·         sterile handling (autoclavable reaction vessel for sterile containment),

·         user friendliness and wide variety of applications,

·         simple installation and quick and easily learned operation.