Labotec has appointed Riaan Harmse as the new Technical and Operations Manager for their Cape Town branch.  This move is designed to enhance the after-sales service and deliver on customer expectations for the Cape region by keeping laboratory equipment supplied in good working and offering a broad repair and maintenance programme alongside personal technical support.  The competence to repair, maintain and calibrate laboratory instrumentation that Labotec supplies is an important aspect of overall customer service policy. This service includes:

  • On-site service and repairs
  • In-house service and repairs


What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I like interacting with people from all walks of life. People are the most interesting thing you get and when you have learned to listen; you learn something new every day. By having the skills to fix things, and the more complex the problem, the more rewarding it is to see it working again.

What do you hope to achieve in CT in your work?

Cape Town is a whole new challenge. My objective in Cape Town is to become part of the team, and by working closely with sales, to make this branch a vital part of the Labotec vision by giving a high quality of work and improving service turnaround times. Once the “tools” are in place, we hope to expand our service team here.

Now let’s get to know you?

I was born in Vredenburg on the West Coast, and in 1969 I was in the Ceres earthquake. I grew up in the Boland, Ashton and Montagu.

I finished Matric at HTS Drostdy in Worcester, did my National Service in Potchefstroom and my trade at Denel. I spent 20 years working and owning my own business in Cape Town before starting work at Labotec 7 years ago.

Favourite pastime?

I like travelling and outdoor things; Gardening, fishing, camping, hiking, braai and cycling.

Best food?

Anything you can braai!!