Master QC With First Standalone FT-NIR Spectrophotometer for Baking

FT-NIR Spectrophotometer - Buchi NIRMaster

Buchi has designed the first standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer, NIRMaster, specifically for the milling and baking industry.  Consistency in production and food safety are important for flour, milling and bakery producers, and Buchi has developed through 70 years of experience, a broad range of NIR applications and reference methods to complement the spectroscopic model.

The NIRMaster enables one to control the quality and nutritional facts of raw material, ingredients and final products with a dedicated at-line and off-line NIR equipment.  NIRMaster can be set up at different locations in the production plant to provide significant information to improve business from checking flour shipment for conformity, determining ash content affecting baking performance to providing nutritional data for labelling.

An easy clean design houses reliable hardware for uninterrupted operation, a built-in PC, preinstalled software and quick-start calibrations.  NIRMaster is easy to set up and samples can be analysed in seconds using the NIRCal software to evaluate production data along with the patented Calibration Wizard and NIRCal Toolbox support.  The system can be connected and shared with the laboratory or other departments using the LIMS interface.